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Thanks to our ongoing involvement with electromechanical construction, we are able to study and plan panel boards depending on the requirements of each application. The electrical design is done with specialized software packages with attention to detail, thus providing easier supervision of each construction.

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Automation panel board

The study - building of an electrical panel board, outside from the electrical designation includes a special design matter through which is given a three dimensional representation of the table. This method enables knowing the form of the table, with the exact dimensions of the materials and their location within the table before the construction table. Indicatively, after completing this design form, given the possibility of knowing the length and types of cables used for wiring of the panel as well as its cost. The detailed and meticulous to detail electrical design we provide, aimed at rapid construction of the tables and quick link them to each installation as well as easy interventions - extensions in the future.

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Our technical department is always ready to visit the installation in order to resolve electrical & automation problems using high quality spare parts

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